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Milea has taught Tiny Tappers, Creative Movement and Beginning Tap at the Washington Township Recreation Center in Centerville, Ohio for several years. The following is a reprint of an article from the May 2004, Far Hills Living magazine:

Tiny Tappers at Town Hall Theatre

By Tina Gabrielson

After the performance, Miss Milea poses with some of the Tiny Tappers (from left to right: Kelli, Madison, Alexa, Tessa, Madison, Holly, Emily, and Teyah) with their long-stemmed flowers.

Miss Milea passes out the certificates of completion and evaluation forms to the Tiny Tappers (from left to right: Madison, Madison, Kelli, Holly, Emily, and Teyah).

A talented group of South Dayton children, ages four and five, recently wore their very best leotards and slid into their black paten-leather tap shoes to show off for their siblings, parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents that were in attendance for an open-classroom performance at Town Hall Theatre in Centerville. Since spectators are only permitted inside the dance studio on the last day of the session, the little girls were especially enthusiastic on this day. Tiny Tappers' teacher, Miss Milea, was equally pleased by the turnout, having to recruit guests to bring in more chairs, as the actual number of attendees quickly exceeded her expectations.

While the dancers all warmed up (both on the floor and at the bar by the studio mirrors) to the ever-popular music by Hilary Duff, they were just moments away from shuffling their way into the hearts of the audience. Applause and laughter filled the room after each of the mini- presentations, including tapping inside and outside several red hoops that were scattered on the floor, a routine set to music from The LizzicMcGuire Movie soundtrack, and a game of "pick-a-step and perform it".

Perhaps the most animated and amusing part was when the kids played "freeze dance", which, according to Miss Milea, happened to be "their very favorite." With the teacher manning the CD player, the girls got a chance to really shine-tapping, twirling, and even sliding around-until the music would abruptly stop. Just as the name of the dance implies, the girls would freeze in several different stances, only to pick right back up with their freedom-of-choice steps, as soon as the music resumed.

At the end of the performance, one at a time, each of the girls performed a dancer's bow. Here, there was no disputing that creativity was at its highest point! One-by-one, the girls pranced, spun, tapped, or shuffled, and then gracefully bowed before the audience. There was even some more tapping to follow thereafter by a select few, as sort of an encore! Miss Milea then passed out certificates and evaluation forms for each or the beaming girls. Much like the professional dancers that perform on stage, the girls each graciously received a congratulatory long-stemmed flower...  Bravo! Bravo!

Tiny Tappers and other dance classes, geared for preschoolers through adults, are offered at Town Hall Theatre through the Washington Township Recreation Center's dance program. Next month, the Tiny Tappers and other dancers that are enrolled in the spring session will perform on stage at the year-end recital at Town Hall Theatre.



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